The CAS Magnum is a one man operation that replaces both labour and material. In a single operation, the Magnum takes material from the supply truck and spreads it to finished grade. Ideal for pipeline, utility or roadside work, the Magnum is the ideal machine for self-loading/ on-site operation work.

Magnum Advantage

Continuous Operation
The 25 ton box can be loaded continuously with truck or transfer deliveries on the job site. With radio remote operation, loads can transfer in just a couple of minutes keeping the magnum operational and highly profi table.

Saves Material
With continuous load transfer capabilities, material contamination, waste and site clean-up from stock piling is eliminated.

Saves Labor
With complete operator control, the operation of the equipment and placement of material is accurate and efficient, drastically reducing labor costs and keeping finish work to a minimum.

CAS Quality
At CAS we pride ourselves in the smallest details that make the biggest difference. As an example, our fabricated components are individually powder coated prior to assembly so all surfaces are protected. We have used better engineering to increase the strength and durability. And most important, we stand behind our product with ongoing support and manufacturer’s warranty. CAS quality is the CAS difference.

MAGNUM Technical Specifications

Cas All-Terrain Slinger Benefits

1. Save money

Rather than expending costs on three or four pieces of equipment, factoring machinery purchase costs, maintenance costs, training costs, fuel and labour hire, the same expenses will only need to spend on one piece of machinery. This would be sure to result in strong costs savings, effectively allowing clients to leverage their profit on any job.

2. Save time

The innovative machinery designs mean that often 1 or 2 processes are completely removed from the project. The projects can thus be completed more efficiently and economically, clearing the way for more work in the pipeline.

3. Create a competitive edge

The time and cost benefits of using the CAS range can be automatically passed onto clients at proposal stage, giving your business a strong competitive edge during the tendering/ sales process.

4. Increase adherence to safety regulations

The CAS range is built with a strength and technology that increases the safety of the machine. The reduced number of machinery required also reduces the risk of hazards occurring.

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Why Keneric Group

Excellent customer service

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. We offer our time to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of the client, which is critical to the success of any project

Extensive product knowledge

Our team have extensive product knowledge in the sales, service and hire of Conveyor Application Systems and Plant & Equipment paired with our company’s 20+ years of providing our clients with the equipment they need.

Supplying high-quality, reliable machines

Highly skilled craftsmen build conveyor Application Systems Slingers and Keneric Group is committed to supporting customers of the CAS range with on-going training to ensure that customers maximise the return on their investment.