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Cas AT7 Slinger

The AT7 is designed to tackle the largest of jobs by setting up continuous operation on-site. It has high off-road accessibility combined with speed, accuracy and agility and is entirely remote control operated. The AT7 is an extremely stable and powerful machine.

This self-levelling feature of this machine provides stability during operation enabling its application to a variety of projects including but not limited to – roadside works, tank backfills, trench backfills, land reclamation, erosion control, flood control, landscaping, etc.

The AT7 is one of the most popular slingers due to its unique ability to handle jobs of all types and locations.

All-Terrain Mobility

Remote Access
The AT7 is controlled entirely with remote control for all systems in addition to the dual speed tracking and maneuvering of the unit in limited access job sites. It allows the operator to work from any vantage point for better safety and accuracy.

Adjustable Leveling
The All-Terrain has an automatic/remote controlled tiling feature for leveling the equipment of adverse terrain. The self-leveling feature provides stability during operation and continuous feeding on sloped areas of application.

On-Site Loading
With hopper extensions in place, the unit can be easily loaded from the side or the rear with your own loading equipment. The All-Terrain is designed to blend with your existing operation or to establish a viable profi t center.

Extreme Accessibility
The All-Terrain comes with standard with Off-Road Traction Floatation Tires for all-terrain mobility. Accessibility is the key for this particular unit to keep it working on the toughest of job sites. An optional High Floatation configuration may be used for beach restoration work or turf applications such as in golf course and sports field construction.

AT7 Technical Specifications

Cas All-Terrain Slinger Benefits

1. Save money

Rather than expending costs on three or four pieces of equipment, factoring machinery purchase costs, maintenance costs, training costs, fuel and labour hire, the same expenses will only need to spend on one piece of machinery. This would be sure to result in strong costs savings, effectively allowing clients to leverage their profit on any job.

2. Save time

The innovative machinery designs mean that often 1 or 2 processes are completely removed from the project. The projects can thus be completed more efficiently and economically, clearing the way for more work in the pipeline.

3. Create a competitive edge

The time and cost benefits of using the CAS range can be automatically passed onto clients at proposal stage, giving your business a strong competitive edge during the tendering/ sales process.

4. Increase adherence to safety regulations

The CAS range is built with a strength and technology that increases the safety of the machine. The reduced number of machinery required also reduces the risk of hazards occurring.

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