Property Development

The Keneric Group has established itself as a premier property developer within Western Australia, offering industrial and residential sub-divided lots, property development opportunities and associated services. Our developments to date have been varied in nature, demonstrating our diverse ability to handle any property project.

How does a Keneric Group property development differ from the rest?
1. Our 100% equity position and private ownership enables us to deliver our projects more effectively, efficiently and economically than many of our competitors.
2. Our wide range of suppliers and strong contractor relationships mean we are well placed to deliver on time, and to budget.
3. We offer flexible lot configuration and will build to specific requirements.
4. Our flat ownership structure means we can expedite decisions and approvals.

We are proud of our strong relationships with key suppliers and stakeholders, enabling us to solve any hurdles that may arise during the development process. Keneric has successfully managed the sub-division process through it’s various stages including re-zoning, sub-division into individual allotments and the carrying out of any civil works as required.
If you lack the resources, experience, or time to manage your industrial sub-division opportunities, the Keneric Group can work with you to ensure you are well placed to maximize your investment potential, whether it is through our development or yours.


Industrial Sub-Divisions

With the recent acquisition of numerous long-term leased investment properties and the aggressive land banking of suitable commercial and industrial parcels of vacant land, Keneric is offering a number of excellent opportunities for interested parties at the Keneric Business Park.

design and construction

Keneric have a professional approach to all elements of the design and construction process and have helped a number of clients build to their specific requirements. They have a strong network of suppliers and contractors, and are committed to ensuring high quality builds for their customers.

Residential Sub-Divisions

The Keneric Group has an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of residential sub-division; from development applications, design plans and all associated documentation, to field surveys, preparation of plans and managing all stakeholders and suppliers. We have managed our own residential sub-divisions, and can perform the same service for clients if required.

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Why Keneric Group

Excellent customer service

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. We offer our time to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of the client, which is critical to the success of any project

Extensive product knowledge

Our team have extensive product knowledge in the sales, service and hire of Conveyor Application Systems and Plant & Equipment paired with our company’s 20+ years of providing our clients with the equipment they need.

Supplying high-quality, reliable machines

Highly skilled craftsmen build conveyor Application Systems Slingers and Keneric Group is committed to supporting customers of the CAS range with on-going training to ensure that customers maximise the return on their investment.