Conveyor Application Systems

The Keneric Group is excited to be recently announced as the sole Australian distributor for one of the worlds most innovative industry leaders in the earthmoving machinery – CAS systems.
The CAS system range changes the way we use and operate machinery within Australia, effectively replacing three- four machines with just one multi-faceted design. Whilst America and Canada are familiar with these designs and generate consistently strong product demand, the Australian market are only just beginning to learn about the positive effects of the CAS range for projects within Australia.


The CAS range will help clients

1. Save money
Rather than expending costs on three or four pieces of equipment, factoring machinery purchase costs, maintenance costs, training costs, fuel and labour hire, the same expenses will only need to spend on one piece of machinery. This would be sure to result in strong costs savings, effectively allowing clients to leverage their profit on any job.

2. Save time
The innovative machinery designs mean that often 1 or 2 processes are completely removed from the project. The projects can thus be completed more efficiently and economically, clearing the way for more work in the pipeline.

3. Create a competitive edge
The time and cost benefits of using the CAS range can be automatically passed onto clients at proposal stage, giving your business a strong competitive edge during the tendering/ sales process.

4. Increase adherence to safety regulations
The CAS range is built with a strength and technology that increases the safety of the machine. The reduced number of machinery required also reduces the risk of hazards occurring.

In addition the benefits above, Keneric is supporting customers of the CAS range with excellent post-sales support and training to ensure that customers maximise the life of their investment, reduce their operating costs and achieve more profit on the bottom line.


In a matter of minutes, the Reload Conveyor is quickly and safely set up and ready to feed. This versatile machine can load a variety of trucks.


The Reload Conveyor is a simple and fast way to transfer product from ordinary haul trucks to a slinger or blower truck. It ensures job sites are kept clean and material loss it minimized, whilst providing approximately 2 times more coverage to an area than a regular conveyor truck. The machine is easily transportable and extremely efficient to set up.


The AT7 is designed to tackle the largest of jobs by setting up continuous operation on-site. It has high off-road accessibility combined with speed, accuracy and agility and is entirely remote control operated. The AT7 is an extremely stable and powerful machine.


The CAS Magnum is a one man operation that replaces both labour and material. In a single operation, the Magnum takes material from the supply truck and spreads it to finished grade. Ideal for pipeline, utility or roadside work, the Magnum is the ideal machine for self-loading/ on-site operation work.


Providing extreme off road access, the TR30 is perfect for sensitive areas where a light footprint is important. The TR30 provides a smooth and efficient operation, with high performance. The TR30 is part of a specially designed environmental series equipment.

TR30 Sandtube

At CAS, we have created a new system by which long tubes can be fi lled with sand creating a continuous barrier. The tubes are fi lled on site using a single piece of equipment at rates equivalent to 120 sand bags per minute. These tubes have complete contact with the ground and require no advance ground preparation

ST20 Truck

Suitable for product transport, the CAS Super Track is designed with efficiency and value in mind. With the ability to pickup, deliver and spread a wide variety of materials with a quick turn-around, these units can be operated both manually and with a remote control. The ST is designed for higher productivity and less maintenance.

ST Trailer

The CAS Super Track (ST) spreading equipment is designed with effi ciency and value in mind with an all new Super Track Feed System. It has been completely re-engineered to increase the strength and durability while eliminating old technology and excess weight. Our greatly improved design is lean and mean, and out performs anything else on the market today. Our fabricated components are individually powder coated prior to assembly so all surfaces are protected.


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